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  • Childrens Stress, Anxiety and Fear Relieving Worry Yummy Monster.

  • The idea behind our Worry Yummy is to ensure your child can express their fears and worries in a way which will allow them to be more open and honest.

  • Simply Unzip your Worry Yummy Monsters Mouth and allow your child to place the written worries in and zip it up. When your child is asleep you can then remove the Worries to view them yourself and tell your Child that the Worry Yummy has eaten them.

  • This should hopefully make them feel more at ease and will also allow you to have a deeper understanding of what could be worrying your Child.

  • This Specific Worry Yummy is called Zipper and stands at 15 Inches Tall which makes it a great sleeping companion.

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Worry Yummy Childrens Monster Soft Toy Large 15 38cm Soft Cuddly Toy for Kids. Boys & Girls Anxiety Stress & Fear Reducing Sleep Companion Purple 'Zipper' Toys & Games

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